Food Preservation Exhibition

TD Heritage, in conjunction with Bouw Design, helped in-house staff at Canada Agriculture and Food Museum articulate and interpret how food is preserved. TD Heritage was responsible for creating an Interpretive Plan for the permanent exhibition Food Preservation: The Science You Eat, all exhibition text, and various manual and computer interactives. Visitors could ‘shop’ at a market to see how everyday (and not so everyday) foods are preserved; peruse the shelves of a replica root cellar (and listen to now-grown kids talk about playing in them!); and marvel at miniature dioramas set at a child’s-eye-viewpoint. A touch-screen tabletop game invited children to ‘smash’ agents of rot; a play area encourage little ones to scan their groceries and put them away in the best spot to keep them freshest.

  • Canada Agriculture and Food Museum
  • September 5, 2018
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