Potash exhibition at Canada Museum of Science and Technology

Potash: Feeding the World

Why should you care about potash? This was the interpretive challenge for TD Heritage when helping the Canada Museum of Science and Technology as they developed the exhibit, Potash. The hook: potash is an essential micronutrient and helps feed people around the globe. And Canada has a lot of potash.

TD Heritage developed the interpretive plan for the exhibition while working with the in-house team and designers at Bouw Design. Together, we articulated the main messages and figured out ways to engage audiences — from a climb-aboard jeep that appeared to zoom through a potash mine over 1 kilometre below ground, to a game that invited users to move piles of pink sparkling potash (really, it’s pink and it sparkles!) to where it is needed most in the world.

  • Canada Museum of Science and Technology
  • September 4, 2018
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